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Ink & Clay 45 Sapphire Anniversary

Theme Announcement

Clay Sculpture of an Ampersand Symbol by Cecilia Torres from Ink and Clay 40 Exhibit.In honor of the 45th Sapphire Anniversary of Ink & Clay, Ink & Clay 45: The

Art of Type is re-scheduled as a “virtual exhibition” for Fall 2021: August 19th - November 18th, 2021, with its prospective physical exhibition moved from Fall 2020 to Fall 2022.


Cal Poly Pomona and the Kellogg University Art Gallery are proud to make a special announcement in honor of our 45th Sapphire Anniversary of Ink &

Clay. Our current Ink & Clay 45 Prospectus is launched as of April 1st 2021 on CAFE I with Artwork Prizes and Purchase Awards amounting to $7,000.



Clay Sculpture that Uses Typography by Mariona Barkus from Ink and Clay 43 Exhibit.In honor of this Sapphire Anniversary, Ink & Clay will be celebrated with a special theme: Ink & Clay 45: The Art of Type. This means that ALL submissions must have the material elements of ink or clay used in the creative process in some way, or in combination, with the added requirement of including: type, text, words, phrases, writings, script, letters and/or !@#$%&*+= (symbols) in some way, shape, or form.


So, in effect, the work can be of any subject matter, but must also have the inclusion anything you might find in written language, handwriting, or on a keyboard.


Some artists automatically do this as part of their body of work, and this notice is being given well in advance, so that all prospective participants can have adequate time to make applicable work for this year's entry submission deadline of May 30, 2021. Topics can be anything from poetic, lyrical, narrative, to biographical, auto-biographical, socio-political commentary, pop-cultural, or abstraction - simply based on the love of shape and form.


See examples in the illustration below:

Cecilia Torres

Ampersand Three, 2013

Ink & Clay 40, September 13-0ctober 23, 2014

Courtesy of the artist

Mariona Barkus

Inspiration. Please. Inspiration, 2017

Ink & Clay 43, September 16-0ctober 26, 2017

Courtesy of the artist




Examples of letterforms and type in foreign languages, special characters, emojis and logos that can be used in ink and clay art objects.

The same techniques that are acceptable each year for Ink & Clay are applicable for Ink & Clay 45: all traditional media (painting, drawing, printmaking, ceramics, sculpture), mixed media, collage, assemblage, book-making, installation, video and any avant-garde artforms are acceptable for submission, as long as ink and/or clay are featured in some way.


And with this, we hope to see eligible participants in next year's show for this special event!


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